Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lonny Magazine

Tomorrow is the exciting launch of Lonny Magazine, an online publication that will appeal to design aficionados and eco-minded style spotters alike. The brainchild of two tastemakers, Michelle Adams and her partner Patrick Cline, Lonny is sure to become a go-to site for inspiration. Michelle Adams has long captured my attention as the creator of an eco-friendly textile and bedding company called Rubie Green. Garnering her design chops as a former Domino magazine editor, her newest project will continue to focus on showcasing accessible design with flair. The online format appeals to my eco-sensibility for saving trees, but also the instant gratification of clickable links on each live page. The inaugural issue will feature the likes of former Domino greats, Deborah Needleman and Kate Townsend Simpson, in addition to featuring entertaining tips from one of my favorite upcycling pros, Eddie Ross. If the previews of Patrick Clines photography are an indication of what is in store, Lonny will capture an in-depth peak into enviably stylish lifestyles. Can’t wait!

{all images via M.A. Belle by Patrick Cline}

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