Thursday, March 12, 2009

Goode Green Living

I have a love hate/relationship with my center city apartment in Auckland. Living within walking distance of all major necessities allowing me to go sans car is fantastic; but I often long to hear the sounds of summer from my balcony instead of car horns and to get my hands dirty in a garden instead of watering my potted plants. This conflicted relationship with city living piqued my curiosity about New York couple, Chris and Lisa Goode, and their perfect compromise. They’ve found the elusive balance between city sophistication and country charm; Old McDonald has nothing on these city slickers.

Thanks to their two story garden, daughter Charlotte can pick berries for breakfast, garnish fresh eggs from the chicken and watch butterflies from her bedroom window.
Spurred by their own green city oasis, the couple teamed up to create Goode Green Designs and have since been busy planting their gardens on some incredible NY locations.

(all images and more info HERE)

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