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Monday, February 1, 2016

5 Valentine's Day Activities for Toddlers + Our Favorite Homemade Play Dough Recipe

Is anyone else excited that it's February?!  We've been enjoying some Valentine's Day toddler activities around here lately that I hope you'll like too. I find it fun to incorporate seasonal and holiday themed activities into our play routine.  It helps keeps things new and interesting for both James Robert and myself plus it feels festive.  I love that the toddler stage provides more understanding around what we're doing-- but we're definitely still in the stage that activities need to be quick and easy!

Here are 5 activities for you and your toddler to enjoy that are perfect for Valentines' Day (plus don't miss our play dough recipe at the end of the post):

1) Banner from felt cutouts.  We went to the dollar store and bought felt heart cutouts and then strung them on ribbon we have at home.  It helped him practice his fine motor skills and he was tickled with the result that he were able to display. This could easily be made from felt you have at home already if you do have some.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holiday Mule Mocktail

First of all, thanks for all the warm wishes on our announcement last week.  We are beyond excited! It feels like our circle of friends is in a baby boom; so many of my girlfriends are expecting too. And since I can't be there to toast them in person, I'm sending my best electronic version... Cheers, friends!

Pregnant or not, every gal deserves a delicious drink during the holidays.  And this fits the bill perfectly.  I hope this will inspire you to get in the holiday spirit, without the spirits.

 The recipes will follow below, however, a few important mixing notes:
  • This twist on the classic Moscow mule is especially enjoyable in a it's namesake barware, but by no means required. 
  • Do your best to hunt down ginger beer versus ginger ale; the taste is paramount to the success of your mule.  I used Fever Tree brand, but Bundaberg would also be delicious. 
  • If you've never sugared a cranberry, what are you waiting for?  They are a star ingredient in this concoction, but are equally tasty on their own.  
  • I couldn't find it, but would wager that crushed ice (I'm thinking sonic style) would take this to the next level
HOliday Mule MOcktail
Holiday Mule Mocktail Recipe:
5 oz ginger beer
2 oz cranberry juice
splash of lime
sugared cranberries for garnish (recipe below)

Mix ingredients over ice and garnish as desired

Sugared Cranberries Recipe:
1 cup water
2 cups sugar divided
1 cup fresh cranberries
(easily double this recipe for more!)

1) Make a simple syrup with 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar (lightly simmer them together until sugar dissolves taking care to not boil or over heat the mixture)
2) Pour the syrup mixture over the cranberries in a bowl and let them soak until they reach room temperature
3)Once room temp, cover and refrigerate overnight
4) Remove cranberries from syrup with a slotted spoon (you can reserve the liquid to sweeten other drinks)
5) Pat the cranberries dry; they should be slightly tacky
6) Roll cranberries in a bowl of sugar.  I found it most successful to do two or three at a time to get an even coat
7) Let the cranberries in sugar set on a wire rack or silpat for at least an hour, then enjoy!