Friday, July 15, 2016

Snapshot Vol 1

Oh July, how we love you.  The past few weeks have been filled with gorgeous weather, hydrangeas, good food and we snuck in a 4th of July trip to Northern Michigan.
I have sat down to write this post no less than five times without being able to complete it.  Such is life these days! I think of a million posts I want to write, but have so little time to execute them.  Today is what I hope to be the inaugural post in a series I'll call Snapshot.  It's a quick capture of life lately.  I love reading other bloggers posts like this and hope you will too.

Reading:  I have taken over Mat’s kindle as the best way to read while nursing late at night.  I’m half-way through The Nest which is an easy, light-hearted summer read. 

Listening: While on our road trip last week, we tried a children’s audible book, Journey to the River Sea and all enjoyed listening to it!  

Eating:  Quick and easy is the name of the game as I adjust to squeezing in cooking with 2 kids (so much harder than I thought).  Overnight oats have continued to be a wonderful way to prepare a healthy breakfast the night before.  I recently leaned a new trick of adding kiefer as a substitute or in addition to the almond milk.  It’s a great way to add flavor and provide probiotics! 

Playing:  We can’t get enough of the splash pads this time of year.  But when at home, I’m trying to provide James Robert ways to be entertained while I nurse Thomas.  One of the board games we really like it Count Your Chickens which teaches cooperation and counting in a fun way.

Coveting: Everything from Jewels & Aces collection of everyday essential jewelry. 

Watching: After binge watching the second season of Bloodline, we're catching up on Homeland (OMG!)

Loving:   I'm enamoured with all things baby... Donsgje booties,  Petits Genoux, Yoli & Otis are a few new-to-me brands with wonderful collections.  

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