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Friday, August 19, 2016

Snapshot Vol. 2

We've been enjoying our annual trip to Northern Michigan with our extended family this week. There are twenty of us (eight kids) and three dogs all in tow!  This year, James Robert has been enthralled with the lake and spent hours playing and splashing with his cousins.  It's really a sweet to see another generation enjoy this special place. Tommy is the youngest cousin and getting so much love from all of the bigger kids.

Reading: Lately, I've been reading baby books, most notably Colic Solved as we try to help Tommy feel better.

Listening: I've been listening to In the Garden of Beasts on Audible when I wake up to nurse Tommy; it's non-fiction and very compelling.

Eating:  We've been on a sweet potato kick.  This sweet potato hummus is better than any store bought we've tried.  And I have been loving these sweet potato breakfast bowls as a very satisfying start to the day that is healthy and dairy/grain free.

Playing: These water balloons are such a hit; the kids couldn't get enough of them this week!

Coveting: I am amazed at so many baby items that have changed over the last 3 years.  That or my taste has changed dramatically.  I'm not going to replace all my old stuff, but if I could, I would buy the Baby Bjorn seat (so much better looking and practical since it folds) and I have been hearing such wonderful things about the DockaTot that I would love to try that too.

Watching: I'm SO excited to move back to the US so I get all of the TV shows I want to watch this fall.  But in the meantime, thank goodness for Netflix.  I finally watched Out of Africa (such a classic) and it was beautiful. I can see why it has been so well loved.

Loving: Instagram Stories are so fun; I feel like it's bringing such a candid and real aspect to that platform and I can't get enough.  Also, I'm loving this wave spray; it smells fantastic!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Snapshot Vol 1

Oh July, how we love you.  The past few weeks have been filled with gorgeous weather, hydrangeas, good food and we snuck in a 4th of July trip to Northern Michigan.
I have sat down to write this post no less than five times without being able to complete it.  Such is life these days! I think of a million posts I want to write, but have so little time to execute them.  Today is what I hope to be the inaugural post in a series I'll call Snapshot.  It's a quick capture of life lately.  I love reading other bloggers posts like this and hope you will too.

Reading:  I have taken over Mat’s kindle as the best way to read while nursing late at night.  I’m half-way through The Nest which is an easy, light-hearted summer read. 

Listening: While on our road trip last week, we tried a children’s audible book, Journey to the River Sea and all enjoyed listening to it!  

Eating:  Quick and easy is the name of the game as I adjust to squeezing in cooking with 2 kids (so much harder than I thought).  Overnight oats have continued to be a wonderful way to prepare a healthy breakfast the night before.  I recently leaned a new trick of adding kiefer as a substitute or in addition to the almond milk.  It’s a great way to add flavor and provide probiotics! 

Playing:  We can’t get enough of the splash pads this time of year.  But when at home, I’m trying to provide James Robert ways to be entertained while I nurse Thomas.  One of the board games we really like it Count Your Chickens which teaches cooperation and counting in a fun way.

Coveting: Everything from Jewels & Aces collection of everyday essential jewelry. 

Watching: After binge watching the second season of Bloodline, we're catching up on Homeland (OMG!)

Loving:   I'm enamoured with all things baby... Donsgje booties,  Petits Genoux, Yoli & Otis are a few new-to-me brands with wonderful collections.