Friday, May 6, 2016

Favorite Moments of Motherhood

To celebrate Mother's Day this weekend, I reached out to some of my favorite Moms on social media to let them know how much I appreciate them.  They are the mothers who's stories resonate, uplift and inspire me weekly.  Maybe you have some of those too? I encourage you to let them know how much they impact you!

The joy with which these ladies are Mother's to their little ones emanates through the screen! I'm so grateful for how they have shared their journey! Through their blogs, Instagram and Snapchat, each of them has provided a beautiful reminder that Motherhood connects us- no matter how far or different our lives may be.

I asked this group of inspiring Mothers to share a favorite moment of Motherhood. I hope you'll enjoy reading as much as I did:

Tess from One Small Act 

My favorite thing about being a mother is every little thing. Seriously, I don't think I can choose just one thing. The way they look up at me with unconditional love filling their eyes or the way they force me to stop and cherish life's smallest moments. They way they laugh, cry, and give me the longest and hardest hugs I've ever experienced. I love everything about being a mom!

Amanda from Marshalls Abroad:

My babies are ages two and eleven months, so one of my favorite things right now is watching their faces light up when we're reunited, even if it was only a few minutes apart. My husband and I are still their best friends and their whole world; we get this incredibly short, precious period of childhood to teach and raise them up, and it will impact them for the rest of their lives. I am so very grateful for the gift of my children, and for the important job of motherhood!

Natalie from East Coast Chic

I would have to say my favorite thing about motherhood is seeing the world through a child's eyes again.  My boys find wonder and amazement in the everyday things that I usually take for granted.  A bus going by, a snail on our driveway, birds flying overhead.  It helps me to step back and take a moment to enjoy and appreciate this world we live in.  

Liz from Pure Joy Home 

My favorite thing about being a mother is seeing the joy on my little ones faces from the most sweet little innocent moments like having a picnic in our backyard. It doesn't take much to make these babies happy, just quality time and attention. My favorite moment happened recently when we were having one of our "family sandwiches" a giant group hug and little Brian looked at us and said "I love my family!". What's better than that?

Christine from This is How I Mom:

I love so much about being a mother- nothing else has ever felt so natural and so challenging but so rewarding to me. So I guess if I was going to choose just one thing that’s my absolute favorite thing about being a mom it’s the challenge and opportunity each day brings. It’s not always easy but the rough times pass and we both learn something new about each other and about ourselves. 

Sarah from Vintage Blue Balloon:

One of my favorite moments of motherhood is, when my 6 year old son dropped my favorite yellow glass water pitcher (full of water), shattering it to pieces, the water seemed to create a lake in our small kitchen. He looked at me with dread and horror while saying, "Sorry Mom! I know it was your favorite" as quickly as those words escaped his mouth I was through that lake of water and shattered glass holding him tight saying "YOU, you are my favorite, I love you".  

I remind myself of this story when I am having a particular crummy day. It reminds me that sometimes I get it right .

Thank you so much to Tess, Amanda, Natalie, Liz, Christine and Sarah for sharing.  Wishing all my readers who are mothers, expecting or mothers in their hearts a very special Mother's Day.  xx

I'd love to hear from you too; what is your favorite thing about being a Mom?  

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