Monday, April 25, 2016

Life Lately + A Baby Sprinkle

Life seems to be racing these days.  Between Mat traveling a lot for work,  welcoming visitors to town, our trip to Paris and the general busyness that comes with caring for toddler I feel like March and April have gone by in the blink of an eye.

Earlier this month, I had some complications with pregnancy that left me feeling rather uncomfortable and overwhelmed.  Baby is doing wonderfully which is what is most important.  But I would have been lost without the support of the women in my life these past weeks (near and far).  I'm such a private person that I find it difficult to admit when I'm having a hard time, but I share this to really encourage other women out there, especially those who are pregnant, to let other's know when things get tough.  Pregnancy is a beautiful and complicated journey that is I've come to appreciate is best taken with others.

I was especially grateful for a baby sprinkle that my friends threw last weekend.  It was the perfect opportunity to really reflect and appreciate the tremendous excitement that is building for this new baby.

When I moved to Canada a little over a year ago, I couldn't have imagined meeting a group of women who are as supportive and uplifting as the one's I've been lucky to connect with here.  I was so touched that they wanted to take the afternoon to help me celebrate. It was such a heartwarming occasion and one that I won't forget!

My Mom was able to make the trip to Toronto to join me and I was so grateful to have her here.  The weather even cooperated enough to go without a jacket!

I've still been loving the milestone cards I received from Made by Joy; it's been such a fun way to document this pregnancy.  
And for all my pregnant friends out there, I wanted to share my adoration for this dress from Cos.  It is quite possibly the most comfortable thing I've put on my body lately and the best part is that it's is totally wearable after the baby too.  I fell in love with the color, but when I discovered the pockets, I was really sold! 
Also, I had to share one of my favorite moments of the sprinkle was being surprised by a video that Mat and James Robert made.  It had me in absolute stitches; you can see it here if you want a laugh too. A special thanks to my husband who made the video- it's such a treasure!

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