Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mrs Meyers Review

I was recently contact by Mrs Meyers to review some of their products.  Already a big fan of their dish and hand soap, I was thrilled to receive the Baby Blossom detergent and Sweet Pea laundry set to try. Their company ethos of earth-friendly products coupled with their recent "Grow Inspired" campaign are what I like about their brand.
Baby blossom detergent 
sweet pea se
But how do they stack up?

  • After using all of the products and putting them through James Robert's very rigorous blow-out test, I was really pleased to see that the detergent was gentle but very effective at getting out baby stains.  Helping the cause, my husband also donated some dirty clothes for me to try the Sweet Pea stain remover and I was really surprised by how well it worked, while having a great smell.

Green rating: 
  • This is where things get tricky.  There is a continuum for green products and I think these products fall somewhere in the middle. I studied the ingredients list and both of these products fare far better than most conventional brands. However, they do contain some ingredients that are questionable-- namely the synthetic fragrances (they are  compliance with IFRA/ RIFM (International Fragrance Association and Research Institute for Fragrance Materials) guidelines for safety).  I love the smell of the products sent to me, however, I wouldn't recommend these products for families with sensitivities to smell or highly sensitive skin.
Price point: 
  • Compared with other baby detergent, this falls somewhere in the middle at $15.99 for 64oz, it is highly concentrated though, so it will last forever.
  • Overall, I give these products a B-. I love that they work well and leave my clothes smelling great, but when it comes to being good for my family, there are other brands that do not use synthetic fragrances and are eco-friendly that I would likely turn to in the future if I'm going to spend that kind of money on detergent.    
  • I have used Dr Bronner's, Charlie's Soap, All Free and Clear and EcoStore (which I blogged about here) in the past.
Thanks to Mrs Meyers for letting me review their products. I'm interested in know, are you loyal to a laundry detergent? What do you like for you and your family?

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