Monday, November 23, 2009

The Silver Lining To My Thanksgiving Prep

Before taking to the kitchen, I have various prep-projects to attend to. (I'm hosting our families for Thanksgiving for the first time!) And since I tend to accessorize my home like my wardrobe, I have more than my fair share of sterling silver trinkets around the house that need polishing. Luckily, I ran across painless, rub-free and eco-friendly instructions for this task at the Simplified Bee, thank you Cristin!
I scored 8 of these pineapple place card holders and linen napkins at my favorite antique spot and can't wait to use them on our table. They are practically begging for their Charlotte Moss matching salt and pepper shakers!
So while I'm making a pretend shopping list, I'll add the outfit I'd love to play hostess in. This little number from Oscar is definitely calling my name.
What are you doing for Thanksgiving?
{Penelope image via HERE }

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