Friday, November 20, 2009

Pink to Green Gift Guide: Hostess Gifts

Since the holiday season is right around the corner, today I'm kicking off Pink to Green's gift guides! For a calendar chock-full of festive engagements, nothing helps beat stress like stocking up on hostess gifts that will show your appreciation as well as your august taste.
1) Savannah Bee Company's Honey is delectable and collectable. My favorite all natural flavor is sourwood. Its complex palate ads depth to any dish; slather on bacon and let marinade for a bit before baking and you've got the best breakfast side-dish in town.

2) Gianna Rose Atelier soaps dubiously evoke natural curiosities with couture flair. Vegetable based, triple milled soaps with letterpress gift boxes these are serious powder room pleasers.

3) Unique, organic, hand dyed tea towels are a thoughtful gift for any hostess; I'm tempted to order multiples from Flowie.

4,5) Tapers are a holiday staple and these honeycomb-patterned candles from Bees Wax Candle Works will add natural beauty to any table. A decorative set of matches are the perfect compliment for this gift; you'll have a hard time choosing from my favorites at Areo.

6) Cookbooks are a wonderful and personal hostess gift; I've got my eye on Katie Lee's new one for my friends with flare.

7) Peppermint's from North Carolina's iconic confectioner, Peidmont Candy Co. come dressed festively and bring holiday flavor to any gathering, I love that they are from a our area. What local specialties could you gift?

8) An aromatic herb growing kit from World Market is the perfect accessory for Holiday dishes; this gift will keep giving long after the party is over.

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