Friday, September 9, 2016

Hitting the Refresh Button

The best $3 I ever spent was on a 1 hour foot massage (somewhere in rural China).  That lady worked magic on my weary travellers feet and I’ve yet to match that experience spending 20 fold the amount.  
Lately, I spend a lot of time standing.  I may not be exploring new places (more like pacing in circles to calm a crying baby or chasing a toddler) but my tootsies could use a respite all the same.  

For about the same amount of cash, I have come close to finding a method to refresh my feet that may not be as memorable, but comes close to being as rejuvenating as my travel experience.  

Lemon, epsom salt and some warm water (perhaps with a glass of wine on the side) are a wonderful soak that not only make your feet feel pampered, but promotes overall relaxation. On the particularly long days, it feels like hitting the refresh button.  This has been one of my favorite little ways to use 5 minutes for self-care which is so desperately needed as a new mom.  

What are your favorite little luxuries? 

P.S.  Now that it's September, one of my favorite Fall nail colors is Essie's Chinchilly

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