Friday, May 20, 2016

Hospital Bag Checklist for C-Section + Free Printable

My c-section is scheduled for June 10th, and I hope to make it until that date!  But, just in case, I started putting together my hospital bag this week (thanks for all the feedback over on snapchat: meg_leanderson).  The first time around, I packed more than I needed and I wasn't planning on having a C-section.  Taking that experience into consideration, I created a checklist for my hospital bag and made it downloadable for anyone else who may be packing their bags too!

Some of my favorite items: 
Bag- I love the canvas zip top bags from Land's End.  They are very similar to the LL Bean boat and totes, but I like this version better because of the zip top, interior pockets which are convenient for packing and the front exterior pocket. This one is a size XL and it should fit all of my stuff and the baby's.  Right now they are on sale!
Nursing bra- these from cosabella are my new favorites
Nursing and C-section friendly PJs- I love this one because it will be flowy over my stomach and is nursing friendly; it also came with a cute robe.  And I love night shirts like this
Baby stuff- The gowns from kissy kissy and receiving blankets from magnolia baby are wonderful for coming home and the boppy cover is from Pottery Barn Kids

-The first time around I ordered a Bravado nursing tank only to end up in tears at the hospital to find it was too small for me a few days after the baby.  While it ended up being great in the longer term, I would recommend purchasing a cheaper one in a larger size for immediately post baby.  Target has some great options.  
-Going to the bathroom can be a traumatic experience after a c-section and is necessary before leaving the hospital.  Probiotics and fiber supplements are a girls best friend; I'll likely be bringing those to the hospital too. 

I am hopeful that with some foresight and mental preparation, this will be a smoother experience than with James Robert.  Last time, I was in labor for 27 hours before being rushed into a c-section; this time, it feels like a luxury to know the date and be able to plan.  And because regardless of how a baby is delivered, it is an incredible celebration, I'll be packing the bubbles this time too!  

(click image to view larger, download or print)
Download or prink checklist here.

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