Monday, February 8, 2016

Checking In On My Word Of The Year

Writing comes to me in waves.  Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of it. 

Shortly after I declared courage to be my word for 2016, I saw the opportunity to join a writing workshop with Coffee + Crumbs.  If you don’t frequent their website, I can’t recommend it enough for a dose of beautiful storytelling about motherhood. 

The invitation to the workshop leapt off the page, begging me to consider.  I would have kept on scrolling if it hadn’t been for my recent resolution.  And with some encouragement (thank you Mat) I signed up for the course. 
Oh how I love to stretch my brain!  And i haven’t taken any time to do something like this in years (perhaps you can relate?). Three weeks into it and I’ve been inspired and humbled by the company of the other writers.  But more than the reading assignments, the writing prompts and feedback I’ve received, my biggest revelation has been the contentment that it provides me. 

I go to sleep at night feeling a fullness of gratitude for an opportunity to learn and create that runs in parallel with being a mother. 

The courage it took to sign up for the course pales in comparison to the courage it’s taken me to add a simple noun to my bio- writer.  I never dared to claim that description because I wasn’t sure it was true. Silly that it took me a workshop to see what’s been there all along. 

Walking along the lake with Major this morning, I paused to admire the shore. Words were clanging together in my brain trying to form their story.  And so, as it often does, the writing came to me in waves. 

One month into the year, this resolution has prompted me to try something new and push myself to explore my capabilities.  But sometimes, fully embracing who you are takes the most courage of all.  What noun do you want to add to your bio this year? 

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