Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Toronto Christmas Market

Visiting the Toronto Christmas Market was the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit.  We went on a Saturday afternoon, just in time to see the lights go on.  The market was packed with people and so much cheer.
The Christmas market takes place in the city's Distillery District.  It's a fun destination at any time of year, but especially for the holidays.  Walking along the cobblestone alleys admiring all the lights, decorations and holiday shops was particularly memorable.

We enjoyed some excellent sipping chocolate (for me),  some candy canes (James Robert's first-- note the joy on his face) and Mat found a vendor sampling Hendricks hot tea which just may be the perfect way to warm a winter night!   If we were to go back, there are countless other vendors selling food and wares that would be fun to try.  Think gourmet grilled cheese and fresh donut stalls!

James Robert couldn't wait to ride the carousel.  Watching him and Mat go round and round while Christmas music blared, I  looked around and saw that there was a smile plastered on the other onlookers faces that matched my own.   It was a treat to enjoy something so quintessential about the Toronto holidays!
Christmas Market

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