Thursday, May 23, 2013

Style and Substance

Now, more then ever, healthy choices have become a priority.  Sure, a nice side-effect would be to loose the baby weight!  But it's more than that.  As a new momma, my health directly effects my little one. And now that I'm at home, I have an even better opportunity to practice healthy habits for the whole family.

Therefore, I'm positively smitten with some {new to me} blogs written by women who exemplify healthy living and positively glow as a result.  It's a breath of fresh air to see their style and substance:

Elizabeth's zest for life is infectious, and that's just over the internet.  Get ready to pour over all her great do-able, healthful ideas.

Bare Beauty is a great resource for cleaner cosmetics and beauty reviews.  Thanks to Natalie for the tip!

The Honeybee is such a fun mix of mommy, health-living and style posts.  Andee's post-pardum body gives me hope!

Jess' blog, Fit Girl's Kitchen is great workout and cooking inspiration

And Sarah's little family drew me in, but I keep reading because I love that she is on the granola side of things too!

What other blogs should I be checking out?

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