Sunday, January 1, 2012

The best of 2011

Happy New Year, dear readers!  I'm filled with hope for 2012 and looking forward to a clean slate that this time of year brings. I recently read the following quote and it stuck with me:

"Love what is ahead by loving what has come before"

In that spirit, I spent some time today reflecting on the year just gone by. It was a humbling exercise that filled me with gratitude and a resolve to make the coming year just as full.  Here's my year in review:  

In January we took a trip to Charleston, recovered some Craigslist chairs and discovered quinoa.

February was a month of tackling house projects: painting our guest room the perfect shade of green and lavender DIY hurricanes were two of my favorite projects. For Valentines Day, I discovered a new favorite dessert, a chocolate ganache tart with sea salt.

In March, our sweet dog was shaved, he went from fluffy to funny looking.  We took another trip to Charleston, discovered heaven on a plate at Poogan's porch and I was schooled in the kitchen by my mom and Aunt Jan.  
In April, we were greeted with surprise blooms from a peony plant in our yard, I helped host two baby showers and we started planting our garden. 
In May, I fell in love with vintage lighting, ate my weight in heirloom tomatoes and we took a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains to celebrate my MIL's birthday. 
June brought a bounty of cucumbers, chocolate chip cookie dough dip made a regular appearance in our fridge, and I helped host another fun baby shower.  

In July we welcomed Kate, our niece, into the world.  I started painting everything black, including our front door. And I hosted a greek themed supper club
In August we spent time with family in Northern Michigan, had a fiesta and enjoyed summer's blooms around the house. 
September was low key. I created profiles of our family, did some much needed gardening and made a new vegetarian dish of  chipotle roasted vegetables.  

In October, I couldn't get enough of all things autumnal. We hosted family, took trips to the farmers market, made slow cooker apple butter and displayed gorgeous dahlias.   
November was a month of firsts.  I visited New Orleans for the first time, and fell in love.  I went to my first oyster roast and learned how to shuck from one of the best.  And we hosted Thanksgiving in our new home for the first time.  

December closed the year with wonderful memories. Making gifts, spending time with loved ones and celebrating the spirit of the season. 

As always, thanks for visiting. Wishing you a very, happy and healthy year to come. xx

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