Monday, February 28, 2011

Rosemary Olive Oil Cake

I'm in love with this recipe. It reminds me of being at Wild Flour Bread in California, aka heaven on earth. See what I mean?
These are their gardens; guest are invited to wander...
We visited Wild Flour on our last trip to Northern California and I am very nostalgic for it's organic charm. When I saw the recipe for a rosemary and olive oil cake, it immediately reminded me of this special place.
Cake is a bit of misnomer for this edible delight, in my opinion. Perhaps that's because I would like to feel better about enjoying it for breakfast three days in a row. The flavors are complex, in a good way, and while chocolate is always a welcome addition in my book, it was the rosemary that stole the show. I love this cake/bread because it feels like eating a slice of California. Yum!
PS- I'm on a garden kick, can you tell? We're trying to plan a veggie garden so this weekend I bought the recent Martha. I highly suggest if you're interested in growing your own informative and inspiring!

{recipe from 100 cookbooks photos via Wild Flour Bread}

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