Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yerba Mate and the Reusable Straw

My Brazilian friend was recently telling me about a popular drink in South American called yerba mate. Have you heard of it? The potently strong but healthy tea is housed in a hollowed gourd and is sipped through a beautiful metal straw called a canudo. Brilliant!
The silver straws are so pretty that it got me thinking about getting one of my own. A reusable decorative straw would dress up any beverage and save the plastic of traditional straws from the environment. (Traditional straws can be recycled, but because plastic never fully biodegrades it’s is greener to use an alternative). Here are a few options:

RSVP has a stainless steel set

Glass Dharma makes them in glass

And you can get these guys to help you clean the straw

(yerba mate image )

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