Friday, March 27, 2009

Crafty aspirations

Oh, to be crafty! It’s a pedigree I’ve long coveted but never come close to attaining. I have a sincere admiration for those who can effortlessly whip up cute creations with the flick of a marker and a piece of string- you know the kind, right?

To be crafty and clever would be handy in my attempts to reduce, reuse and recycle! It seems every day I am tempted by the inspiration around the web to start a project of my own- these ideas are my favorite:

If I was a capable crafter, I would be busy sewing patterns from Built by Wendy .
I would turn thrifted globes into light fixtures.
I’d gift the newest member of our family with a handmade, organic cotton bib.
And then I’d retreat to my immaculately organized craft room to contemplate my next handiwork.

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