Monday, December 15, 2008

A Kiwi Christmas

New Zealand has a uniquely Kiwi way of decorating for the holidays; as precedence dictates, nature takes center stage. As the rainy winter and spring dissolve into summer, Kiwi’s mark the start of the festive season by the vibrant blooming of their beloved Pohutukowa trees. Adequately dubbed the New Zealand Christmas tree, their stately presence paints the country in red during the month of December. Small sage colored buds explode into color giving the appearance that ornaments adorn the branches.
It’s not to say that Kiwi’s don’t decorate for the season, many a home boast glittering evergreens, but it’s just that they associate different things with Christmas than I do. This is our second holiday season overseas and although I am homesick for some Chicago Christmas traditions, I am hoping to embrace a Kiwi holiday this year. Swapping a crackling fire for a BBQ may never seem natural, but there are some truly beautiful elements of a Kiwi Christmas that I hope to have captured in pics I took this weekend.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Surfer

Natural ornaments
Ginger Beer instead of Gingerbread

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