Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Move #1

Green Bag it:

One very easy way to gain some green is to reduce the use of plastic bags in your day to day life.

There are tons of sylish alternatives to plastic bags these days so tote them with you to the grocery, the market and the mall. Here are a my top picks:

Perhaps the most imfamous "trendy" eco statement, this bag made a splash last year when it became available at Wholefoods.

(as seen here and here)
Wholefoods is also supporting Lauren Bush's FEED bag, the proceeds will provide 100 school meals to children through the UN world food program. You can also purchase via amazon.

(as seen via The Daily Green)

La Pliage by Longchamp is a classic bag. I've used mine for all imagined shopping trips over the years, plus they travel beautifully (it folds down to nothing). This bag is not overtly ecofriendly- but its plethora of uses can accompany a work look or double as a grocery bag. Its a very chic way to forgo the plastic bag we are trying to diminish plus it comes in tons of colors and sizes which allows you to customize the look.

(as seen here)

These cute bags have sailed all over the world but were recyled in Maine. Seabags create custum tote bags from recyled sails and they are the perfect plastic bag replacement/beach bag/ day tote whatever... they are just so adorable and mindful of the environment!

(as seen here)

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