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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Green Culinary Adventure- your help wanted!

Moving to New Zealand, I wistfully bid goodbye to my beloved Food Network and set forth to embrace new culinary programming. Goodbye Paula Dean, hello Jamie Oliver. Goodbye Bobby Flay hello Gordon Ramsay. And although some American foodies make their appearance on an otherwise thoroughly British influenced repertoire, I am most sentimental about missing out on new seasons of Giada De Laurentiis’ programs.
As my dream job is to be a stand in for Giada on her Weekend Getaways, I’d like to try and create a desktop travel version of sorts, with a green spin of course. (Travel, cuisine and green in a blogging burrito.)

This where I’d like to invite you to participate too- keep me in the loop! Are there places in your neck of the woods that are worthy of a mention? Lemme know. Have you heard of a place that sounds too good to pass up, even if that means lingering over the menu online? Lemme know. (I’ll be sure to link back to your blog, of course; or post on your blog and send me the link).

Let’s do this together, shall we. Let’s go on a culinary adventure and discover some of the best green restaurants out there. After all, regardless of whether or not you have access to the destination, we can all gleam inspiration for our own kitchens in the magic of restaurants, particularly if that means eating a little greener.

So without further adieu, lets visit our first green restaurant together as inspired by Giada's Weekend Getaway to Boston.

Flour Bakery
As certified by the Green Restaurant Guide they not only make mouthwatering treats but extensively recycle, do not use Styrofoam products and are committed to environmental initiatives.

My hardest decision would be between the homemade Oreo cookies or a nutella and banana sandwich on grilled brioche. The possibilities are very tastey!

Can't make the trip? Try thier famous Banana Bread at home, recipe available HERE.

(photos here and thanks Linds for the inspiration!)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Green Restaurant: Chez Panisse

Perhaps the original green restaurant, Alice Water’s Chez Panisse is an institution. Long before I knew what what eating local and organic meant, I enjoyed a beautiful lunch at the venerable restaurant; the pillars of Alice’s ethics created a gastronomic experience that has had me wanting more ever since. I’d happily order whatever is on the seasonal ever changing menu!
The equally eco conscious company, Heath Ceramics, creates the dishes used at Chez Panisse. Handcrafted, sunny tableware would be a beautiful place setting to enjoy in any kitchen.