Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Morale Boost

One of the surest ways to happily entertain a toddler boy is a trip to the marina to look at boats.  That was James Robert's requested activity on his day off of school this week.  

This was one of the best mornings out with both of the boys I've had so far.  It is hard to get us all out the door and keep them happy in tandem, but I'm working on the assumption that we'll all get better at it the more we practice.  

Getting into a new groove is definitely a work in progress!  But blue sunny skies, puffy summer clouds and a smile like this did wonders for the soul.  I think I needed this morale boost as much as they did. 

It is the type of deliciously ordinary day that feels extraordinary in the context of all of the other things going on. 
If you don't regularly visit Aspiring Kennedy, I highly recommend adding it to your perusal list. I immediately connected with Lauren's sentiment in her recent post about blogging.  Sometimes I miss the days before blogging became so commercial; I fell in love with this platform as a way to connect and catch a glimpse into peoples lives that felt genuine.  
And I'll continue to post as such; sharing tid bits and pretty pictures about normal life that isn't sponsored or part of a series or written with SEO in mind, but perhaps just the morale boost that we all need.  Finding a bit of blue sky and savoring it for the joy it brings your children.  Or the smile that you'll remember long after the baby teeth are gone.  If those things don't deserve a post, then what does?

P.S. Thanks for hanging in there with me as a get back in the swing of posting regularly.  xx

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