Friday, May 10, 2013

Words of Wisdom

Life is sweet. I sit listening to a still house as my baby naps and admire the budding spring and hints of summer that is May in Charlotte.  Counting my blessings has never been so much at the forefront of my mind.  

James Robert has my heart completely; there aren’t words to tell how much being his Momma has made my life. How special and significant Mother’s Day will be this year for our family! Not only because it is my first, but also because having a baby has provided a clearer lens with which to view my Mother and the other Mother’s in my life.
Daily, I gain perspective on how selfless, giving and transforming it is be a Mother.  I'm so blessed to have my Mom as an example.  Needing her guidance, I recently asked her what advice she would give me as a new Mom and I received the following words of wisdom:

1.     Trust your instincts. No one knows James Robert better than you. You are his advocate. 
2.    Kiss, hug and tell James Robert you love him every day! Savor every moment possible because time goes by too fast. 
3.    Instill faith. Help James Robert develop a loving relationship with God. 
4.    Teach manners. That gift will last forever.
5.    Read to James Robert. It provides comfort and entertainment.  Also let your imagination flow and make up stories.  You will cherish the memories.
6.    Instill a love for music.  It's a great outlet and expression of feelings. Plus, it's been an important element in our family history.
7.    Be consistent.  That's not always easy, but make sure you and Mat are on the same page.
8.    Slow down and embrace it all.  Make time to laugh. Experience fun times as a family and you'll treasure the memories. 
9.    Be a good listener and play with James Robert. Make spending time with James Robert your priority. The dishes and laundry can wait!    
10. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Repeat as many times as necessary. Being a mom is tough, but it's endlessly rewarding.

Perhaps you've asked your Mom the same question? If not, I highly recommend the exercise! I'll cherish this advice.
James Robert with his Grandma's 
Both Mat and I grew up with unconditionally loving, supportive and inspiring women. I can only hope to provide that type of example for James Robert. 

Wishing all the Momma's out there the very happiest of Mother's Days.  xoxo

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