Saturday, May 5, 2012


My cheeks hurt from smiling and I have Allison and Julia of Tartan and Sequins to thank for that.

I don't usually stop by on a Saturday, but I wanted to be sure to send them a big thank you for the heartwarming feature they posted yesterday on yours truly. I'm so flattered to take part in their Girl Crush series.

These ladies continue to wow me with their style and charm. They remind me why I love blogging so much and hope they know that my next trip to Cali would be incomplete without meeting them IRL!

Through their series, I've gotten to know some new favorite tastemakers, such as:

Molly from The Neat Method
Sarah from Classic Bride
Bethany from B Soup
Chelsea from The Humble Haus
Alice from Summer is a Verb
And many more!

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