Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Flying higher

I recently had the distinct pleasure of hearing John Foley speak.  Admittedly, my attention was piqued when I learned he was the stunt pilot behind Top Gun, but it was his message that has held my attention in the weeks following.

 There were two key messages I took away from John's presentation that can apply in all areas of life:
  • Glad to be here the attitude of gratefulness and thankfulness for your opportunities, for the people around you, and for life {this link is a good way to get started}
  • Belief Levels: as human beings, we don’t perform at our full potential. Instead, we perform at the levels of our belief.  Cultivating liberating beliefs and projecting those will allow you to reach your potential in all aspects of life
I was blown away by John's accomplishments as a former lead blue angel pilot and his particularly happy demeanor. I was so inspired to apply his ideas to my personal life and thought you may too.

Perhaps you want to grow your blog? Or be a more appreciative spouse? Or get a new job?  Or wake up happier every morning?

Those two principals apply. Food for thought on this happy Tuesday!

If you have the time, I encourage you to poke around his website.  

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