Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Virtual Birthday Party

In honor of my sister's birthday today, I'm organizing a virtual birthday party.  If money/time/weather were not a factor, this is what I would do to help her celebrate...

I'd greet her in the morning with a batch of homemade pecan sticky buns

We'd go for a long walk on the beach and catch up on life

Take a painting class, and be inspired by art

Enjoy a relaxing mani/pedi in perfectly celebratory shades

I'd invite all her friends and our family to eat a feast under fairy lights

And then, to cap off the day we'd have an outdoor movie night

Her favorite snacks would be served; homemade goldfish crackers and pretzels. And for dessert, some sparkly cupcakes.

Oh, and some festive drinks too

And since I can dream big, this is a virtual party after all, I'd give her the gift of a trip to Germany to visit castles and experience our real heritage. It's a trip she's been wanting to take for a long time!

Happy Birthday, sweet sister. I love you!!

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