Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mixed Berry Frozen Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a fridge staple in our house, in particular FAGE {I had one taste and I became a yogurt snob, it is just that good}.  I use it as a stand in for sour cream, for a quick, healthy breakfast and more often than not I have a batch of tzatziki waiting around. 

My newest favorite way to use FAGE is making easy, homemade frozen yogurt.  No sugar, just natural sweeteners- its type of treat you can feel good about.


1 pound frozen mixed berries, thawed and drained
1 tablespoon plus 1/3 cup honey
Two 3-inch-long sprigs fresh thyme
2 cups chilled plain Greek yogurt, I used Fage
1/4 cup agave nectar
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

Combine 1/4 cup of the berries, 2 tablespoons water, 1 tablespoon honey and the thyme sprigs in a small heavy saucepan. Coarsely mash the blueberries using a fork or a potato masher. Place over medium-high heat and bring to a boil. Remove the pan from the heat, cover and let the mixture stand for 15 minutes. Uncover the pan and let the syrup cool slightly. Discard the thyme sprigs.
Place the remaining blueberries, remaining 1/3 cup honey, yogurt, agave, lemon juice and cooled blueberry syrup in a blender or food processor. Blend until the mixture is almost smooth.
Transfer the yogurt mixture to a glass container with a tight-fitting lid and freeze until firm, at least 8 hours or overnight (the frozen yogurt will still be slightly soft).

Scoop the frozen yogurt into bowls and serve. 1 pound frozen blueberries, thawed and drained
{recipe adapted from Giada's

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