Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What makes a house a home?

Pigtown Design's gracious blog recently posed a question that got me thinking about the furniture in my home and the furniture to be purchased for my home. What story do the items tell?

This week perhaps the most storied and special piece of furniture was delivered; so special in fact, that I felt it's presence made our house feel like home.

From Chicago to Charlotte, my Grandmother's piano made the trip it has been saved for. And while it was lifted across the threshold, I'm sure the moving men were confused with the tears in my eyes.

You see, this is much more than a piece of furniture to me, it is time capsule of when I sat next to my Grandmother as a child, her warm fingers gently guiding me to push it's keys. With her joy of music, she introduced me to a passion for classical music that is a tradition in my family.

I played the piano for 13 years and since I left my parent's home for college, over 8 years ago, I haven't had the ability to pluck the keys on a regular basis. Albeit out-of-tune, I felt a surge of sentiment upon sitting at the piano again- in my own home!

I'm reminded of the many recitals I "performed" for her growing up and the songs we played at Christmas. I hear my Grandmother in the notes of this piano as if it is resonating grace.
{here she is at her 90th Birthday Party this year!}

The piano may stand alone in the desert of our living room, but it has filled my heart and again filled me with purpose to decorate my home with things that tell the story of what I love. Indeed that is what makes a space personal.

So I encourage you to share here, in a comment, or over at Pigtown Design... what in your home tells your story? I look forward to hearing!

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