Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas, in a candle

For readers adverse to premature holiday planning, beware- this post may induce rolling eyes. However, I for one, am excited to welcome thoughts of boughs of holly with the first crispness in the air. Therefore, while recently browsing Williams Sonoma, I was happily
greeted with the scent of their Winter Forest collection-!
Not one to leave good enough alone, I diligently checked the ingredients and am pleased to find that their kitchen candle is of the soy variety.

And since my nose was piqued to the smell of sugar plums dancing, I was equally enthused when I was introduced to a local company who's handmade, soy, recyclable glass-contained candles {check, check and check on the eco-front} feature a Mistletoe scent that also evokes the joy of the holidays.

Classic Wicks has an awesome collection of candles that produce a pleasant aroma lit or unlit. I have one on my desk at work and enjoy the scent without ever having to light a match. Their 16oz three {hemp} wick candle is only $18 which is a steel!
I was lucky to have a sneak peek of the whole collection and while I enjoyed many of their scents, mistletoe will be helping host Christmas in my house this year {cue rolling eyes}. I would highly recommend their products; you can check out their website here.

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