Monday, July 12, 2010

Meatless Monday: Watermelons

Ah, the glory of watermelon season! I can't seem to get enough of its juicy goodness this year; perhaps it's because I've gathered so many new ways to use them. In celebration of this festive fruit, below are some of my favorite inspirations:

I've been making batches of watermelon salsa nonstop; a fine dice of watermelon, cucumber and red onion sprinkled with S&P and you've got a very refreshing summer side.
{image via Pink to Green }

These spiked watermelon popscicles would have been perfect for the 4th of July, but I'm sure I can find another excuse to make them this summer!

"Watermelonade" sounds like the perfect way to quench a summer thirst
{image via }

I've been making many versions of this salad with amazing results- so refreshing.
{image via Sunday Suppers}

I've also been inspired by non food related watermelons...
If I had a little girl to dress, this children's classic would be a summer staple- how cute!

And doesn't this watermelon hued setting look like the perfect place to enjoy a summer meal?
What is your favorite way to use watermelons?

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