Monday, October 5, 2009

Meatless Mondays Week 1

As we welcome the first Monday of October, I’d like to introduce a new feature for the month called Meatless Mondays. My friend, Patty, had a great idea to feature meat-free meal ideas in collaboration with the notable campaign each week and I’m excited to join the cause.

Although I’m not a vegetarian, I love what this campaign supports. In the past, when we have experimented with non-meat based meals, we have found some of our favorite new recipes and ideas. Going meatless just once a week (it doesn’t have to be Monday) is a very easy way to improve your health and support the health of the environment.
Why go meatless once a week?
“Even one meatless day a week — a meatless Monday, which is what we do in my household — if everybody in America did that, that would be the equivalent of taking 20 million mid-size sedans off the road.” Michael Pollan

Health Benefits:
Reduce risk of heart disease
Maintain healthy weight
Improve the quality of diet
Environmental Benefits:
Reduce your carbon footprint
Minimize water usage
Help reduce fossil fuel dependence
{to learn more about these benefits, visit here}

Who’s Doing It? The face of eco-chic, Stella, and her family are on board. Check out the video here.

On the Menu Tonight, we are going to try, Cuban Black Beans and Rice. Get the recipe here.

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