Monday, September 21, 2009

Green Move 12: Soy Candles

A perfect candle will have the following qualities:
1) Look Good
2) Smell Great
3) Be made out of soy wax or other all-natural waxes

The first two reasons are self explanatory, but why natural wax? Besides being a more eco-friendly alternative to paraffin based wax [read: made from petroleum], soy wax and other natural wax candles have a number of superlative qualities.
  • Made of sustainable materials
  • 50% longer burn life than paraffin candles
  • Soy wax can be cleaned from furniture and textiles with soapy water; paraffin wax is very difficult to remove
  • Produce 90% less soot and don't release toxins which means cleaner air in your home
  • Soy has a lower melting point which means your candle burns at lower temperatures and you have faster scent dispersion
Choosing natural wax candles is an easy green choice and it is easier than ever before.
Here are my top three favorite eco-candle picks:
Linneas Lights Candles from Inglenook Decor have french chic inspired packaging and got a rave review from Everything LEB on their scent too. For a limited time you can receive free shipping, here.
DayNa Decker Candles have been a favorite of mine for a while now. They are sleek and modern looking, come in a number of beguiling scents and are available on line from Organica Deluxe.

The Blushing Hostess recently introduced me to Low Country Luxe and I am completely smitten. My recent visit to Charleston has me pining for a few candles from their southern inspired scents. Beyond their eco-chic packaging this company has a strong commitment to philanthropy and donates proceeds to a number of prominent charities.

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