Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eco Style Profile: Cate Blanchett

After seeing Al Gore’s, Inconvenience Truth, Oscar- winner Cate Blanchett decided she wanted to turn her “anxiety into action”. She believes although it can be overwhelming to learn of the environmental challenges that lay ahead, there is, “an opportunity in climate change… an opportunity to re-ignite that sense of community. We are all consumers and if we change the way we consume and think in our communities we can have an enormously powerful effect.”

Cate is motivated as a mother to champion environmental issues and at home has demonstrated that she is committed to the cause. She challenges herself to take shorter showers, has cut her driving by 20 km a week, installed a more efficient shower head and switched her household power supply to green power. Recently, she and her husband were trained to be climate change presenters as part of the global program, The Climate Project.

Deserving of her accolades on and off the screen, Cate Blanchett is an inspiring actress and green style icon.
(interview information taken from Mindfood and Herald Sun)

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