Thursday, March 29, 2012

Strike a pose

Today, I'm beginning an 8 week ashtanga yoga workshop at Y2.  I'll literally be counting down the hours at work... the anticipation of learning something new, creating a deeper practice and meeting other yogis inspired me to collect these images.


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Ash said...

Sounds fun! Would love to get into Yoga more than just my jillian micheals video~

pve design said...

Lovely. I am popping in to say hello by way of Laura Casey whom I adore.
Wishing you much success with your new class and your new poses.
pop over to my blog when you have a minute -

Manolos to Asolos said...

I'm doing a yoga teacher training for power vinyasa, but I need to try an Ashtanga class. That is so great you are deepening your practice. I too look forward to learning something new, and opening myself up a little bit more with each pose!

It's so great to connect with another yogi! :)

Keep us updated!

And... I love your blog!

(Manolos to Asolos)

Tommy said...

Very nice images. This makes me want to get back into doing my yoga (on DVD) more often. Lately I've been hitting the cardio, but yoga is such a treat. Good luck! Please keep us posted.

Sascha said...

Yoga is amazing. Love it.

Nat said...

That sounds great! I'm not much of a yoga person but I'm trying to get into it.


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