Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home Inspiration

My sister-in-law graciously shared her old Domino issues with me over the holiday which is when I rediscovered the apartment of Michael Bastian. His space embodies eclectic American style. Strong masculine bones are complemented with a palate of black, white, blue and red. As I re-looked at these images I was struck by his style and thought- YES! This is the type of place that I would find visually appealing to live in.
Domino Mag 9/08

Domino Mag 9/08

Domino Mag 9/08

Domino Mag 9/08
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Laura Casey Interiors said...

Love it! some of my favorites!

Katie said...

I heart Domino!! Oh I wish they would come back and give us more :)

Sabina said...

Oh how I miss Domino - great post - lovely photos!!


Cathi said...

Wonderful post! I was flipping thru some of my old Domino's this past weekend - how I miss that magazine! xxoo :)

Devon said...

Love it. Old Domino and Cottage Living spreads are my favorite. What is it about framed art and photographs? I could have a frame on every single bare wall in my house and I'd be perfectly, wonderfully happy. They just seem to tell a story and I love it.

Found a Dash & Albert runner since the Lowes here in Seattle is clearly not up to trend with the greek key runner that you guys have. Thanks for the inspiration tho'--got me going on finding the runner!

Tommy said...

Agreed. He definitely knows what he's doing, and of course I echo you and the other commenters in my lament for the late, great Domino.

Anonymous said...

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