Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Home Inspiration

We are in the throws of long distance (and international) home hunting which is both deliriously frustrating and exciting.  The Seattle market is crazy!  And because I won't be traveling out there with the boys until October, I very well may be moving into a house that I've never actually seen (thank goodness I trust Mat's eye).

So while it's nerve wracking, I'm also very excited to have a home again that I can make my own.  I have loved our little rental in Toronto, but I am day dreaming about having a space that I can put a stamp on (like our old house Charlotte).

Consequently, my pinterest board has been filling up again with interior inspiration.These beauties are the latest to catch my eye.



And one of my very favorite instagram feeds to follow is Christie at Wesandco; she has such a gorgeous sense of style.  Her home is not only beautiful but livable-- she's the mama to four boys!  

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The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Loving your inspiration, especially the table in that first picture!

East Coast Chic {Natalie} said...

Love your inspiration and so excited for you all to have a house you can make your own! Nothing like putting your stamp on it to make it really feel like home.

Katie Elizabeth said...

I'm loving all of your inspiration! It's so fun making a house a home. I can't wait to see what you do with yours!

E3 said...

I really like the dining table and that unique light fixture - airy and beautiful.

Simple Luck Blog said...

Loving all of these! Don't be surprised if I'm your newest Pintrest follower!


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