Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Catch Up

Silly me.  No sooner than blogging about healthy choices, I come down with the flu.  I must have jinxed it.  And while no one likes being sick in the summertime, I'll look on the bright side...

I caught up on some reading and finally finished this novel
And put a dent in this and this one
What should be next in queue? 

I also caught up on Mad Men; I won't spoil anything, but I am pumped that Betty is back!

Her charm bracelet always sends me on an envy-induced browse on charmco's website.  I would love to engrave this with James Robert's initials and date of birth. 
And I caught up on some pinterest browsing where I discovered my newest favorite app.  Have you heard of Magisto?  It's free, it easily aggregates the video clips on your phone and you can add your own music with the touch of a button.  I love it for all the baby clips I have collected over the last few months.

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Emily said...

I also love that Betty is back but I did not see anything in that episode coming! Will have to add these books to my summer reading list. Hope all is well!

melissa said...

Magisto sounds great - I'll check it out. Thanks! Hope you feel better soon!

Tommy said...

I hope that you feel better soon.

I'm not sure if you watched The Following, but it's excellent--as are Bates Motel (A&E) and Rectify (Sundance).


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