Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Wishes

Weeks seem to by blurring together, don't they? I mean, where did February go?  Looking forward to taking some time to slow down and enjoy the weekend and wishing you the same.  Hopefully it will look something like this:

  • I got a juicer for Valentines Day!! I'm looking forward to trying out some of Natalie's recipes
  • Catching up on my most recent read
  • Using Katie's locks as my haircut inspiration
  • Clicking around Calypso, they have the best stuff
  • Styling some nooks in my house with books and art

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Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Yay for a juicer, you will be obsessed trust me! Let me know how that book is, I am intriqued by it! Have a great weekend!

Nat said...

I loved Omnivore's Dilemma- it's a great read! I'm about to get his next book, In Defense of Food I've heard its just as good.


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