Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Warm{er} Welcome

If the entryway to your house is like an amuse-bouche, ours needed some sprucing. Over the last few months we've been doing small projects to give our foyer a mini-makeoever. Today, the space is more light-filled, polished and most importantly, personalized.

We added a four-paned, wooden storm door to bring in more light. After looking high and low, we found that the only place that carries this door in Charlotte is Blackhawk Hardware. I'm looking forward to having it open this year for trick-or-treaters!
By far my favorite detail of the space is the newly added pineapple filial. It was a whopping $8 at the Metrolina flea market! It is marble and brass and since I am hoping to have it patina with age, I "un-laquered" the base. There are a few techniques I read about, but dousing it with rubbing alcohol seemed the easiest option, so that's what I did.
I'm still playing around with the styling of the console, but here is what I've got so far. The candle is worth mentioning- it is my friend Meg's Lagniappe scent. I LOVE it and have a few scattered around the house for effect. The scent is unique, sophisticated and inviting; just the type of thing I want to greet my guests.
Speaking of greeting our guests, this guy loves to meet you at the door, can you tell?

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Meg said...

So glad you like the candle! It's finally getting cool here, just in time for 'lagniappe' smelling weather! I've just ordered more and are burning through them myself! Love your entry, looking awesome!

Cara Kuhl said...

love the thought that the entry is like an amuse-bouche, perfect analogy!

Emily said...

looks great! love your styling job too. hope all is well :)

Aunt Kris said...

The new door looks great, Meg. Just keep the Windex handy for those little Maj noseprints!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

It all looks amazing!! loved lunch last week, let's try to do it again soon.

Tommy said...

Very nice!

Unknown said...

Wow...what a beautiful transformation!!! That door is fantastic and Blackhawk Hardware was one of my favorite spots in Charlotte!!

xo Elizabeth


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