Monday, August 29, 2011


Hello friends! I took a little blog break; I needed recharging. Mat is starting an MBA program, summer is dwindling, there are times to be savored so savoring I did.

I enjoyed sunflowers around the house
Time with this cute, fluffy guy
Treasure hunting at sleepy poet {I loved this reminds me of New Zealand... I should have bought it. Perhaps I'll go back}
And last but not least, I did some baking. I don't know what possessed me to make a funfetti cake, but I'm so glad that I did. We had friends over for game night and shared. I gotta tell you, the best part of the cake was the homemade icing.
Recipe for Strawberry Icing:
1/2 cup of strawberries, fresh or frozen, thawed and pureed
1 cup (2 sticks of butter)
pinch of salt
3 1/2 cups of confectioners sugar
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1) Beat butter and salt together in a stand mixer until light and fluffy (approx 5 minutes)
2) Add vanilla and three tablespoons of pureed strawberries and mix until well blended

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Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

Your console looks great!! And that cake, as soon as I read strawberry icing I had to run away since I started back with the diet today...but I might be back if I can think of an occasion to make it for. ;)

Cathi said...

Sounds like fun times! xxoo :)

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

I love Sleepy Poet, they have great stuff there. You should totally get that fabulous painting. Your dog is the cutest thing I have ever seen and now I want some funfetti cake!

Tommy said...

Oooo....awesome cake! You've GOT to make room in your life for some Funfetti. Num.

Also, I realize it's unsolicited advice, but I recommend that your hubs get a small network of friends in his MBA program. I would not have made it through my program without our little rag-tag group.

Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

I love your console! And sunflowers always brighten my day. That cake looks yummy!

georgia b. said...

i love your blog! and i love your "why i blog" page, so i linked to it on my blog today. you wrote there what i have said many times since i have started my blogs. but i had stopped blogging on my design blog, and reading what you wrote re-ignited my passion for blogging there... so hopefully it resurrected my posting there again! i used to have several readers and quite a bit of traffic there. but then i let it go. it's seems disheartening, because it feels like i will have to start all over to get people to visit again. but it will be worth it... i'll get to meet a whole new set of people, as there are SOOO many more bloggers out there now just since i stopped blogging on that blog.

anyway, sorry for the long comment. i'm glad i stumbled on your blog, and i plan to continue visiting for inspiration! {looks like you live in the same area as i do??? i saw your pics of morton arboretum... BEAUTIFUL! i've been there. i live about an hour north of there.}


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