Thursday, March 31, 2011

"No name" style

I recently watched Secrets from a Stylist. It left me confused. While I loved the tounge-in-cheek names Emily uses to describe her client's style- "southern-scottish", "single malt nouveau" or "industrial kitsch loft", it made me feel more lost than ever that I don't have a "style" per se. So often as a blogger, your personal style is a calling card, the ultimate marketing tool and the utter definition of your presence on the web. I struggle putting myself into a particular box. Do you?

There are a few images lately that have screamed-- this is me! Although they can't be relegated to a particular style, I would say each of these interiors makes me think that I could walk right in and be at home. I can't put my finger on this "no-name" style, but perhaps that's not the point. Perhaps labels are needless; perhaps, personal style is an evolution. One that leaves the door open to possibilities. Emily, if you're reading, this is my style diagnostic!

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Emily said...

I completely agree megan!! I cannot define myself in a "style" box but i LOVE the inspiration you have here. I think we have the same style...and maybe someday we can meet and find goods for our homes together!

rustic rooster interiors said...

I agree... Being an Interior Designer I tend to see so much & love so much. It's hard for me to pin point my style... I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR pictures. So me too! :)

elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

I too agree with you and rustic rooster. Being an interior designer, I love many different styles. I see it as a positive, being open to new ideas and change. I love your inspirations today, they are beautiful.

Padgett Hoke said...

I am totally in the same boat, my style has changed and evolved to the point were I have no idea what to label it! I do love those photos though!

Megan said...

so glad to hear that other feel the same way; thank you for your sweet comments!

Unknown said...

I don't know that I could name your style, I just know I LOVE it!!!

xo Elizabeth


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