Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Entryway Inspiration

My mom gave me a push in the right direction to start thinking about how to finish our entryway. Remember the stair runner makeover? Well since then, I've done nothing! As my mom pointed out, we really need a rug at the front door to greet people. So starting with the greek key pattern on the stairs, I was inspired to create a moodboard for the entryway.

2) Pineapple Filial's {I've been obsessed with filial's lately; pineapples are a sign of welcoming so I thought they would be perfect for this space}
5) Console {we have a very similar piece already so I wanted to build on that}
6) Rug

Hopefully we can add some similar pieces of the coming months; I'll be sure to take a picture of the progress once we get some!

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Maria Johns said...

Hey Megan we have the same stairway runner!!! looks great and I love your plans for the entryway!

Megan said...

thanks Maria! thats so funny we have the same runner; I hope my entry ends up as fantastic as yours!!

Anonymous said...

ah. I DIE DIE DIE over that mirror!

i saw some similar on ebay last night as I was taunting myself

Emily said...

LOVE this and i LOVE how your house is coming along. Great idea, i'm going to take pictures too. It's empty now but hopefully in a few months it will have come a long way!

LindsB said...

that coat rack is delish!


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