Friday, January 29, 2010

Fabric of our lives

Since my new years resolution was to slowdown and enjoy the little things; I'll share with you something new in our home that makes me do just that.
The graphic print table runner that now adorns our hutch was a gift from my sister-in-law for Christmas. Kristen has been globe trotting to and from Africa for close to a year working for an organization called New Perimeter. Most recently, on her trip to Namibia, she brought us back this beautiful handmade runner and it makes me pause every time I see it.
Listening to the stories of the women that Kristen has been exposed to through her job, I'm reminded to be grateful for all that I have. I'm also thankful for having such admirable family members- check out New Perimeters website to learn about their inspiring projects. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

LOVE the table runner. My Mom is most obsessed with pineapples!

Chic Coles said...

This is so beautiful. I love that it came from Africa, I am sure it helped a local woman. It looks so nice on your table.

Devon said...

The fabric is gorgeous and, may I say, nice 'tablescaping!'

Living It At Home said...

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog and your wonderful comments. Your runner is beautiful. It is so wonderful to have something in your home that makes you happy to see it every day. Enjoy it!


Tommy said...

That is really cool fabric, and I love the story behind it, too.


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