Monday, November 2, 2009

Pack and Save

If you're ready to effect change, you could earn some change on your next shopping trip. Just in time for the holidays, notable retailers have started offering incentives to shop with reusable bags.

- Target: America's 5th largest retailer, now offers 5 cents off your purchase for each reusable bag you use to pack your purchase.
-CVS: Is offering a bonus for going sans plastic; they will credit your CVS card $1 every four times you buy something that doesn't require a bag.

Tip: Make your life easy by keeping reusable bags in your car or in your purse so that you'll have them handy. I promise, that like anything else, it's just a matter of getting in the habit.

I've recently discovered a Charlotte based company that makes a wonderful collection of reusable bags- Neela.

My inner perfectionist loves the idea of a matching set of bags to pull out at the grocery store and my inner prep loves the option to monogram your selections.

Neela has a variety of sizes in an affordable price range. The Denali tote comes in a little pouch that folds up to perfectly tuck into a purse and it only $7. The market tote is larger than a standard paper bag, comes in fun patterns and is only $7. They even have insulated totes for only $14. (I also love the two organizations they support through a portion of their proceeds.)

I've written about reusable bags a lot before and have a few favorites, but I'm interested-- what do you use? Do you have favorites that I should check out?
{all images via Neela}

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Chic Coles said...

Whole Foods gives a .10 cent discount when you use one of your own bags. I love the Neela ones you featured, those are just too cute!

brit said...

LOVE these bags. I was going to find some cute reusable totes and have them monogrammed for my bridesmaids. You made my search easier! Love!

LindsB said...

Love these bags- I also love a matching set and these are perfect. I think I might have to get some for Christmas presents :)

Lo said...

I LOVE these from the container store

Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

I love these! I am going to order some. I love the orange!

Megan said...

Brit, that's such a great idea, I would love that as a bridesmaid. Lo, the bags at the container store look like they would be perfect to tuck into a purse and very small.. thanks for sharing!

paula said...

I love these. We just use the publix reusable bags. I wish they gave a discount.

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

So stylish! I love them. thanks.

cristin @ simplified bee

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I love those patterns. I'm a reusable bag junky!

cs said...

Baggu bags are great for groceries and are washable. I love mine.

Emily said...

I did not know about these discounts....thanks for posting! I always try to forgo the plastic bags when possible. hate them hanging around and throwing them out anyway!

###### said...

love those this is my first visit here.

Nikki's World said...

I love using reusable bags.. I feel like i kill the planet everytime i forget when i got the grocery store or even when i shop.. My New Zealand bag i bring everywhere.

Kristen said...

I just happened to stumble upon your website, and was so excited when I saw you mentioning my cousin's website (Carla, the -la in Neela). As a very eco-conscious person, I was very happy when she decided to start a reusable bag business, but I'm even more happy to see stranger's responses on the internet. The bags are great and fold up very nice, they are very convenient to carry around. I believe the fashionable designs allow them to reach a larger audience.

I typically use Reusit's double-handed totes made from eco-friendly materials (organic cotton, recycled cotton/PET, hemp, bamboo) as they are very sturdy and the handles can hang from my shoulders, but they are plain and bulky. I usually paint/draw something on them to spice them up. But the ones that Neela sells are already beautiful, and fold up very small. My family always keeps a set in our car.

It's great to have a variety of reusable bags. It's also great to have choices. And for those who care about looks and the environment, to not have to sacrifice either.


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