Thursday, November 12, 2009

Alphabet Ears

Melissa Joy Manning's recycled gold alphabet stud earrings would be a punchy, utilitarian touch to any outfit, don't you think?
Just add them to the long list of wearable creations from this artist. Her portfolio is like looking through the jewelry box you wish you had.

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Lo said...

you don't have an email set up to your profile page so Im answering your Boca question here.

I love boca crumbles. I have tired morning star and some other ones and they don't even compare. We use them a lot. hope that helps you out with your meatless Mondays!:)

Kitty said...

i love the idea of recycled precious metals. i would love to melt down some of my old gold and have it cast into a new piece

LindsB said...

These are really cute, they could be like pearls, always classic.

deliciously organized said...

I love the gold triangle chain in her portfolio!

Megan said...

Thanks Lo! Linds, I agree they would be perfect with just about anything in a classic way.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

How cute are those? What a fabulous gift they would make!


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