Monday, August 24, 2009

Long Story Short

Here's the story. About two years ago, we got engaged on a beautiful beach in Aruba.

A few weeks later, Mat and I exchanged vows in front of our parents and siblings. (yes, we put something together that quickly!)

A few more weeks later, we set out on an incredible adventure; we moved to New Zealand to spend the first 20 months of our married life as expats.

Now, we are back in the states, and on the 29th of August, we have planned a renewal of vows and reception to officially celebrate our marriage with family and friends! I couldn't be more excited for this special day; we have been looking forward to it for nearly 2 years!

I gleamed so much inspiration and enjoyment from planning our "re-wedding" and am excited to share some of the details with you. I worked hard to incorporate environmentally friendly elements into our celebration and hope that whether you are planning a party, a wedding or just enjoy that sort of thing, you'll follow along for the next week while I spill the details and share helpful resources for doing the same.

Also, a special thank you goes out to my husband. Without his adventurous spirit and encouragement our experience abroad would never have happened; I'm so grateful.

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Maria Johns said...

I can't to follow along and see what you come up with, what a great idea! Your first wedding pictures are just breathtaking!

Lo said...

Congrats :)

LindsB said...

That first picture is so cute- what a perfect setting for an engagement. Good luck planning your vow renewal!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

I can't wait to see the pictures and catch up when you are back in town! Have a wonderful time!

Tommy said...

Congratulations! These pictures are beautiful, and I'm stoked about some greenness. :)

Chic Coles said...

That is so exciting! It is going to be so beautiful!

Unknown said...

oh my gosh, how perfect is it that someone took that picture? you should get it blown up in your house- it is the sweetest, most beautiful picture i have ever seen!! you guys are so sweet together.

No.35style said...

love the engagement picture!


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