Monday, June 22, 2009

Perfect Organics

A big thank you to Tara at Green Lashes and Fashion for the wonderful giveaway prize! Today, I received my Perfect Organics Lip and Cheek Shimmer in the color, DC. The other shades, all inspired by venerable international cities, are equally tempting!

The DC shade is like the eco version of this popular Clinique shade Calista Flockhart is rumored to wear on Brothers and Sisters. It stains the lips with a wash of color that is pretty, but not too dark.
I also love that it doubles as a cheek shimmer. Who doesn’t love a product that plays double duty? It's shimmery versatility reminds me of another popular beauty product, the multiple by NARS. Perfect Organics has duplicated the idea very well and I think the DC shade would flatter a wide range of complexions.
Thanks again Tara, I’m excited to use my new eco beauty product!

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Slices of Beauty... said...

Perfect Organics is beautiful.

Lovely blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Meg! I'm so glad you like it. I love how it's an organic version of Nars The Multiple too. Take care!

Janet said...

Ooh, nice win! That color is gorgeous.

Tiffany said...

I am on the search for green cosmetics, so this came at a perfect time. I'm trying to make small changes over time, and this would be a nice one to add to my list. :)

Unknown said...

The DC Shimmer is amazing! Super smooth on the lip and a nice natural shade.


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