Thursday, June 25, 2009

If it makes you happy....

My good friend, Meg, over at Late Check-In, tagged me in a game that asks bloggers to share 6 uninteresting things that make them happy. My husband jokes that this is my favorite game to play, so I couldn't resist the post today!
Since moving back to the states, there are many uninteresting/normal things that send me over the moon, such as:
1) All-American food items such as Cheerios, Coffee-Mate (remember) and above all... ice cream options. What is summer with out DQ and Cold Stone?
2) Driving on the Right Side of the road... not only does it make me more comfortable, it makes me less hazardous. All-in-all a good thing!
3) Listening to country music on the radio, while doing item #2. Nothing makes me feel more nostalgic about America than riding with the windows down and country music playing. The other day I heard this song for the first time and LOVE it!
4) The 18 hour time change that complicated phone conversations with loved ones, is an issue no longer. Although it was fun to "call from the future" (NZ was a day ahead), I much prefer the ease of picking up the phone at leisure to get a familiar voice on the other end (no delay or static-alleluia!)
5) Diane Sawyer, she makes me happy. I missed waking up to the familiar Good Morning America team while abroad. And since coming home, I've gladly welcomed them back into my morning routine. I believe Diane is one of the most beautiful and classy ladies on TV today!
6) Online shopping makes me happy. Jcrew's lack of international shipping was a minor pitfall of our NZ address; I now relish the availability to purchase items online.
I'd like to tag anyone who wants to play along!!
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Chic Coles said...

We love your game! And we are pleased to share our six most uninteresting pleasures...

1. Climbing into a comfortable bed, with clean sheets, smelling of laundry detergent

2. A good thunder and lighting storm (if you can be inside, enjoying it)

3. A cold glass of lemonade, pink or yellow

4. Walking into a hardware store, to stand in front of an entire wall of paint chips

5. The first snowfall of the season

6. Receiving a piece of mail, whether it's your favorite magazine or a letter from friends or family

Thanks for sharing your uninteresting happy "things". We'll be sure to pass the tag along with our post.

Michelle Schraudner said...

Ooh, I love your list! I'd have a hard time living without ice cream and country music. I love that Brad Paisley song, by the way.

Ashley said...

I love that! How fun...I will have to do this on my blog too! I saw that you just moved to Charlotte! Did you live here before you were in NZ?

annechovie said...

Fun, Meg! Isn't it amazing how you miss the little things when you go abroad and then are so thrilled to have them back when you return? Thanks for your kind words and support!

Unknown said...

thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad you did so I could find yours! I love it!

Ashley said...

Hey girl! I left you a little surprise on my blog! Check it out when you get a chance! :) Have a wonderful fourth of july!


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