Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gutter Garden

My mom spent all day Sunday building fences around her garden to ward off bunnies. Although cute, they are eating all of her favorites! I recently saw this gutter garden via Katie Elliott's blog thought it could be a great way to plant edibles out of the way of hungry critters. Anyone tried this trick?
Using a gutter to plant is genius; it could be attached to a fence and altered to fit your space. What do you think?
{image via Juneau Empire, "How does your garden grow?" by Suzanne Forsling}

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Mary said...


Courtney said...

loveeee this idea! And perfect for an herb garden or lettuce like pictured.

Drea said...

I think it livens up the exterior wall nicely, too.

.pink said...

What a great gardening idea!!!
I want one...


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